News flash: God and Nietzsche died. What did you expect?

God and Nietzsche died? Yeop, they are dead (très chic) The book of people (and especially of faces) is full of wisdom. Each one is stating his opinion. And they are all right. “God died,” signs Nietzsche. Someone posts Nietzsche’s profound quote, and by all means who am I to tell him the opposite? I […]

What is the mathematical function of Creation? Are you kidding me!

What is the mathematical function of Creation? Do you really want to know or are you bringing it up to pass the time? How should I know? I could make assumptions though, as long as you stick around to listen. So, for those who stuck around, even for fun, the function of creation is the… […]

Are we regular people? I am not joking man, are we genuine Earth’s children?

You can not imagine the damage that some films currently on cinemas and TVscreens can do! Zombies, sub-humans, the man from Sirius – the planet Sirius not the country Syria- they all come and go to Gaia, commonly known as Earth, with spaceships and other spectacular means of transportation and so far,fortunately, all they to […]