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Know thyself fairy tale.

I begin by stating that the saying “Know thyself” is a very important frontispiece to ancient wisdom and needs special consideration. But where does it belong? Is it a state of being that has to be earned, or is it an element of the tripartite motivation-medium-effect that, wanting or not, is the motive of our lives? Is it about our past, our present, or our future? One thing is for sure. Knowledge of the self and any customization that may be behind such an important statement have as many pitfalls as the benefits it promises without promising. The first and most important problem facing a person who will accept the above exhortation and will try to put into practice is that he understands everything by the degree of consciousness he has at the specific time of his life.  And this period belongs, as time, in the here and now. This


Ego, one more fairy tale!

Our subject is once again Ego. A reader might ask, how is it connected to a man’s attempt to get to know himself and to walk the path of integration? And yet, it all starts with understanding what the word ‘Εgo’ means and how the concept of egotism follows. Let’s start with its meaning and try to give an explanation by interpreting the letters that make it up. I will borrow the individual interpretations of each letter from the book of the thinker-scholar of the ancient Greek language, Elias Tsatsomiros. His book is called the History of the Birth of the Greek Language. I am trying to explain the word Ego as it appeared for the first time, at least in the Western Civilization, in the Greek language. We are talking about three letters. Ε, G, and Omega (correct writing of O in the Greek language). The letter ‘E’ denotes


The Fairy Tale of Life!

Red thread, wrapped in a spinning wheel! Give it a kick to turn for the fairy tale to begin.  Fairy tales are for serious thought and we, here, on the internet have proven ourselves to be lacking in even common sense. The difference is that instead of pills we wear glasses. Colorful. Blue and red mostly, but if you don’t want to take off your glasses, how do you expect to see? Anyway, my thoughts concern the movie Matrix and its connection to life. The first truth, in my humble opinion, is that even if you swallow an entire pharmacy of colorful pills, when the alarm clock sounds, you’ll be back in your bed. The same happens with glasses. Whichever color you choose, once again, you will see your boss, who will not only wave at you menacingly but also show you occasionally the middle finger. My purpose is not