Soul sister, soul mates or just sisters?

Soul sister?

Let’s start with some numbers. Humanity today numbers about 8 billion. As a general estimation, half of them are women and the other men. I stand by the common opinion that a soul mate basically belongs to the opposite sex.

If we divide these 4 billion of any category into the four age groups, we have 1 billion people in each group of people who are, of course, scattered at the four points on the horizon.

So finding a soulmate – according to those who believe in such a thing – at least statistically is impossible. Being born in the same place and time is like winning a cosmic lottery.

And I ask: How come so many believe they have already found their soul mate? Have they found something else, or does this belief also have another interpretation?

If in the “Sister” place, we put the word “Similar Vibes”, something might happen. However, the soul then becomes souls, leading in some cases to tragic outcomes, like the best men or the maids of honour.

Before I share my opinion, I don’t like this “same vibes” thing in relation to the twinning of two people. And not for any other reason, but because many times the vibes come from uncontrolled centers.

Adding reincarnation to the above encounters would require such a powerful computer to do the math that would take up galaxies, to say the least.

It’s time for me to share my own point of view. Initially, I do not accept reincarnation, but my readers know that already. For me and as always just for me, the soul has nothing to do with divine powers, but is a form of material creation. So the term “soulmate” loses its first part. Anyway, without being too critical, let’s focus on the concept of the term and explore its potential meaning.

The decoding of the original sentence needs the reference to collectivities and even intellectual ones. I have referred to these collectives elsewhere. I need to mention that I believe these sets exist on a higher level of consciousness.

The human being therefor, has many chances to meet with other beings of the same Family (that is, of the same collective of this other level of consciousness), and it is not at all mandatory that such a relationship must be with similar ones. This meeting will simply help him complete the path he is taking as an individual. But even if he has the misfortune of not meeting members of his own “Family”, he will still send and receive power from its core.

However, this approach presupposes the understanding of two terms, that of individuality and the other of personality. The soul, the body, and the intellect are elements of individuality. It is ONE thing that works with this trinity, like one body that feels and thinks.

Don’t look for soulless people. We all have one and it shouldn’t differ much in its basic functions. We stand out because, through the processes of life, we have trained ourselves to behave like human beings. And this is accomplished by the “higher spark” which dwells in the human form and which gives it a special ability to grasp and serve the plan of creation. This, I mean the “higher spark”, appears as a personality and is characterized by no element of separateness.

So attraction to another person has many sources. If we like him as a body, it is probably due to the vibes of the comparable function. This vibe, if not accompanied by others, is expressed as love attraction, since the animal nature through this attraction completes the sexual need of the species. The pleasure in the love act is the cheese on the mousetrap.

Just as well on the emotions level. Another center, another function. But not because we carry as a foreign body a soul that is looking to find its sister or why not its sisters. According to the theory’s followers, what does it do when it finally finds it? It lies down and takes pleasure in the act of love.

But even in the next function, that of the intellect, exactly the same thing happens. The attraction transforms into platonic love, with the sole purpose of perpetuating the species.

Not too shabby for features and options. But it is one thing to operate by my nature and another to project the soulmate syndrome on this.

Fraternity has a greater response to the “higher spark”. But can we claim that the sun’s rays are sisters? They are a unit that we perceive as separate existences.

So, what is the conclusion we can reach?

The body, the soul and the spirit are expressions of our individuality and there are thousands of people who emit similar vibes at harmonic frequencies.

The “higher spark” uses our individuality for its own purposes and is perceived as a personality. Its origin? A higher level of consciousness and, to make it more difficult, a higher level of the governmental function of creation.

So the term soul mate is a poetic expression and, and if I may add, a very catchy one. Nowadays, it is very common and is used when we want to avoid simply stating the truth about the attraction we feel as humans for other humans.